The Sculptor

A passion for making it right

Once you’ve dealt with the craft…of making it correctly, anatomically correct, as a technician, that your sense of what the animal is experiencing comes through. I think that’s what makes good equine sculpture great.. When you have a sense of the individual… that I caught that spark!

The Artist

The joy of honouring and creating from culture

I had a really different kind of an upbringing. Within our family if you could draw, or sing, or write or paint or anything you were encouraged… So I went out into the world knowing I was an artist.

The Teacher

Helping others rediscover their yearning to create

I have sculpting workshops, you can come and take one if you want to and then you’ll learn more about the process… I help the people whose hearts want to create, to get them back in their own art.

The Rancher

Drawing from the natural world around her

I live in a world that’s challenging sometimes… there’s birth, death, rebirth, and cycles of nature, and seasons, that’s part of my art as well.