Four Generations of ranching on the Cowboy Trail

A lifetime sculpting an authentic lifestyle







This place, the lifestyle, the sense of  how we live and work in this land…honoured in one poem by my Dad:

‘a man on a horse on top of a ridge in the greatest church of them all’


Sculptor • Artist • Teacher • Rancher

I’m familiar with the entire lifestyle… the richness, the imagery, the history, and I realized that this is just as gorgeous, valuable and interesting as any other subject could ever be…

Breathing life and casting fire

A process 6,000 years old takes months to complete


The “lost wax” casting process engages the most delicate and detailed work in wax through to the most primal and ancient of rites: pouring molten metal into a ceramic shell. For thousands of years it is how swords and sculptures were made.


Authenticity • Quality • Originality

An uncompromising commitment to the craft

Since 2002, I just kept sculpting… what I love, what I see, who I am, the wild creatures I share my home with… inspired by travels, dreams, and other things that just come to me. I have this sense that I need to create something.