The Horse

The most noble and glorious

If I could give “horse” a label, I would say they’re “noble” in the service of mankind, in everything we’ve done, they’re the most noble creatures on the planet…I’ve worked with horses my whole life, ridden professionally and for fun... there just isn’t a more noble beast ever known to mankind. They are just a glorious animal.

Western Art

Authentic tools of a traditional trade

Really great Western Art is an accurate reflection and interpretation of the culture and all of the pieces that are part of that culture… western culture. It’s got to be that way. There are certain types of animal… they’re not interchangeable, they are specific, they’re bred for generations, they are celebrated athletes.


Letting them speak for themselves

I live close to the natural world, so it isn’t a stretch for me and authenticity in that is very important to me… wild animals in all their majesty are just as impressive as they need to be… just let them be real.

Mythic Art

Inspiration from the invisible realms

It’s about making someone something, something that speaks to that person, and sometimes that person is me. I just make it for me; I don’t make it for anyone else.